When it comes to blinds, know your options

When we work with clients on a space, we see each room as a blank slate. The windows of a room are often a central feature, so our process concentrates on integrating window treatments that are both beautiful and functional. There are numerous selections of Read More

Ready, Set, Plan and Execute! – How to Renovate a Kitchen

Spring has arrived in Northern Virginia! As we begin to shed the heavy layers of winter, it is a great time of renewal and transformation. During the winter hibernation, you may have noticed some changes you want to make to the interior of your home. The kitchen, notably, the central focus of every...

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How J&L Can Update Your Home for Spring

After the dreary winter is over, spring brings the season of rejuvenation and rebirth! And while we shelter with warm blankets and dark colors during winter, spring calls for a blossoming of color and light. To achieve this, home interior design ...

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Why Hire an Interior Designer?  

Homeowners often know how they want the interior design of their homes to feel and have a certain color palette in mind. But bringing an aesthetic to life involves in-depth knowledge of color, light, texture, and design principles - and how they work ...

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Stay Home & Stay Stylish This Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for a luxury escape this Valentine’s Day? How about a romantic getaway in your master bedroom? Let J&L Interiors, Loudoun County’s own interior design firm, help you create your personal palace for this season of ...

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