Interior Design Firm in Virginia

Do you need professional interior design services? J&L Interiors provides interior designers in Virginia! J&L Interiors, an interior design firm with over 20 years of design experience,  has been providing exceptional interior design services to customers all over Virginia since its conception by designers Julie Hoffman & Lori Duval.

Our website features many examples of their past projects which can be found on the Portfolio page. If you take a look at some of these sample projects, you’ll notice that J&L Interiors takes a unique approach to interior design. J&L Interiors take on projects ranging from small room renovations to large-scale master plans, allowing them to work with clients across a variety of industries. We choose everything from paint colors to flooring materials to lighting fixtures based on our clients’ taste preferences and their recommendations about how spaces should be organized.

We also work closely with other architects and designers during the project’s early stages to help ensure that all parties involved have a common understanding throughout the process.

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

J&L Interiors’ designers have different training than DIY homeowners who may lack knowledge about style, colors, furniture dimensions and safety regulations that may be required in certain spaces. We pride ourselves in knowing what is best for each room’s function and safety regulations that many times the average homeowner does not even think about.

In addition, an interior designer from J&L Interiors can save you money over time by choosing items that maximize your space and stay in style longer, which greatly reduces purchasing costs of replacing furniture more often. purpose is to create a functional space- Interior design takes into consideration all aspects of a home including how a room flows, how much light a space receives, and if there are potential hazards in the way.

Interior design is not just for aesthetic purposes it has many practical applications that can make your life easier. We know what components work best in certain spaces to create an inviting atmosphere that’s both cozy and functional. J&L Interiors uses elements of harmony, contrast, scale, balance and proportion to help create a good flow throughout the home.

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