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The Best Bedroom Updates According to Interior Designers

Upgrading your bedroom can improve your daily mood. After all, it’s the first and last thing you see each day—making it comfortable and expressive can put you in a healthy headspace. J&L Interiors’ bedroom interior designers have a keen eye for detail and comprehensive experience to help you create or renew your personal space’s style and energy.

Interior design professionals recommend the following adjustments to make the most of your bedroom space:

Reduce Clutter

Clutter provides no benefits for bedrooms. Instead, it makes them feel cramped and awkward; moreover, cluttered bedrooms look messy and create stress for overworked homeowners. But interior designers have some strategies for reducing clutter.

First, swap out nightstands without drawers for those with them, which provide storage space for items that can accumulate on top of such stands. Also, replace nightstand table lamps with sconces. Then, swap inconvenient or unusable furniture for functional items such as a mirror or bookstand.

Update Features

Next, update timeworn or out-of-date features. While many people grow attached to the belongings they’ve used for several years, those items can deteriorate or go out of style. So, upgrade your old rugs, curtains, and wallpaper so that these features can contribute a fresh style and verve to your space. Also, add decorative pillows onto your bed for greater visual impact and atmospheric coziness. Although changing wallpaper can make a room unusable for a day, it also vividly transforms a space.

Decorate for Comfort and Luxury

Finally, work with professionals to decorate your space with comfort and luxury in mind. If you have a TV in your bedroom, switch it out with artwork—TVs can interrupt or prevent restful sleep cycles. Also, fill empty corners with plants for a boost of natural energy and beauty. You might try bouquets of fresh herbs and flowers to add natural aromas. And organize your closet’s interior to your needs rather than match the specifications of someone else.

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Every bedroom calls for a different approach to design. So, let J&L Interiors determine what would make your space ideal to start and end your day. Our bedroom interior designers can ensure your home matches your style!

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