Interior Decorator in Waterford, VA

Interior design in Waterford VA

The town of Waterford, VA is known as a historical landmark filled with late 18th and 19th century buildings and architecture. Many of the townhomes are built with beautiful cobblestones and brick that have been preserved through much of Waterford’s vibrant history which the residents sustain and preserve.

Waterford, VA is home to multiple wineries as well such as The Wine Reserve and Village Winery. Waterford Tours are administered for visitors who wish to do some local sight-seeing and partake in the towns historic cultures.  

At J&L Interiors, we want you to live in your Waterford home, not merely exist in the space provided. Our team wants you to invite more friends over, host more parties, and celebrate your home more often. With the help of our dedicated professionals, we can transform your home into a space that you will value for the rest of your life.


Our team of experienced interior decorators in Waterford, VA have extensive knowledge of working with the homes in the area. We can scale up or down depending on the desired size of your project. Whether it’s a single-room redesign or an entire home renovation project, J&L Interiors can provide you with the resources and designers you need to design your version of the perfect home.

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