2023 New Year Interior Design Resolutions

2023 is just around the corner and there’s so many new and exciting design opportunities that await.  To help navigate the New Year, here are some essential New Year’s Design Resolutions.  On behalf of the entire design team at J&L Interiors and our families, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
  1. Listen to the Space
Resolve to Listen to the Space.  We often hear clients say “if these walls could talk!” and the reality is that they do!  Each room has a certain history and personality that can help channel the energy of your interior design.  Far from presenting limits, walls can often serve as a starting point for a design strategy – to either work with-in them or take the walls down – to open new possibilities.  Especially for a home renovation project, listening to the space and understanding its function -- how it has been used and how it can be reimagined -- are important aspects of the design process.
  1. Embrace Your Style
Resolve to Embrace Your Style. We’re sure to see new trends and fads in 2023 that appear in our social media feeds. And while those designs can be inspiring, don’t let them replace or adversely impact your personal style.  Whether it’s traditional, modern, farmhouse or urban chic, your style should be a reflection of your values and preferences.  And your space should reflect you!  Successful designs are based upon your tastes but try to keep an open mind as well – simple tweaks can take your style to new heights and dimensions of luxury!
  1. Incorporate Unique Artwork
Resolve to Incorporate Unique Artwork.  One of the most effective ways to create a truly unique design for your space is to include an original artwork that only you can proudly feature.  You may be surprised by the number of local, regional and national artisans and skilled craftsmen who offer a wide array of art for budgets of all sizes.  From paintings and mosaics to upholstery, woodworking and sculptures, focal art instantly customizes a space and elevates it.  So avoid the big-box store mass produced ‘art’ and explore the world of one-of-a-kind artworks created by talented and skilled artisans.
  1. Hire Professionals.
Resolve to Hire Professionals. There can be a certain sense of accomplishment that accompanies a completed DIY project but the sheer frustration of time and money wasted by a failed weekend warrior project is far more common.  The best way to avoid design disasters and to enjoy the process that stays on time and on budget it to hire a team of design professionals who have the experience, talent and skills to make your design vison a reality.  More than keeping the train running on time, interior designers can guide you through the complex decision-making process to illustrate how design choices complement and impact other elements. And they can put their curated network of contractors and craftsmen to work to deliver a design you’ll love not only when its completed, but every step along the way.  They value of hiring design professionals will return dividends for years to come.