Cabinetry, Function & Organization: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Cabinets are the foundation to how your kitchen functions and the keystone of any kitchen design.  Cabinets are also one of the most significant financial investments in your kitchen.  Beyond the look and feel of your cabinets are you asking the right questions that influence placement of appliances, plumbing fixtures, island placement and more?  Answers to these fundamental questions will help create the beautiful, functional and organized kitchen of your dreams!    


Kitchens are the heart of the home.  People gather to prepare meals, host events, visit and linger and often even work in kitchen spaces.  When designing a kitchen, you need to consider how you want the kitchen to function and consider your kitchen cabinetry uses, location and design.  Consider a central island.  Will the island serve as a preparation space, an eating space or as a buffet for parties? Or all of the above? Do you wish to install a sink or cooktop and perhaps a wine refrigerator?  Will you have storage cabinets in the island or do you need leg space for chairs?  The design of island cabinetry will need to account for electric, plumbing, and leg space depending upon its purpose. Additional cabinetry in the kitchen includes upper and lower cabinets that will serve a variety of functions. Small kitchens need maximum storage and may include diverse cabinet surfaces: bright and varied solid doors, windowed doors, open shelving, and ambient back lighting to make the space look larger.  Standard cabinet sizes may limit your overall design options. Consider building and investing in custom cabinets that reflect luxury craftsmanship to fit your specific design and storage needs.  


Today’s cabinets offer a variety of customized organization solutions designed for how you live and function in your kitchen.  Organization solutions include specialty pull-outs for pantry items, spices, oils, and utensils, and offer technology storage and outlets for your cellphones and other electronic devices.  If you have a beloved pet, you can include a pull-out feeding drawer or built-in bed in your cabinet design.  Storage, like function, will also direct your over kitchen design and schematic.  Your storage aesthetic is key. Ask yourself, do you want to see plates, cups, and glasses inside your cabinets? Would you rather hide frayed cookbooks and digital devices and wires?  Where should your spice rack be located and what size drawers or cabinets can accommodate pots, pans, baking trays and other cooking equipment of all shapes and sizes?  For a variety of conventional and new organizational options, consider ideas from Better Homes & Gardens and Vevano.  

Custom Cabinets

Your kitchen should reflect your style and how you live and function in your home.  Custom cabinet design solutions allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams and include your personalized design and preferences.  J&L Interiors has an in-house cabinet designer dedicated to creating and implementing your vision.  J&L Interiors offers a variety of cabinetry offerings and is a Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry dealer. Using only the finest materials to craft their cabinetry, Wood-Mode and Brookhaven are second to none. J&L Interiors also sells Levant Kitchen Furniture by Mullet Cabinets and Bridgewood Cabinets. Visit this Cabinet Gallery to review a variety of high-end custom cabinetry.