Choosing the Perfect Chair

“But is it comfortable?” is usually the first question asked by many of us when ordering a new chair.  So many chairs look great but the joy quickly vanishes once you take a seat.  While comfort is certainly a priority for many chairs, home office desk chairs, dining room chairs and more, there are several other equally important factors including size, shape, color, style, durability, function and even maintenance and care that the discerning chair customer must consider.  And, with the abundance of chair options available from home décor stores and online retailers, it can be a bit overwhelming.  To ease your decision-making process for choosing the perfect chair, here are a few helpful suggestions. 1.  Think about style and look.   The design of a chair should reflect your personal style and fit the room they’re placed in. Living rooms are a great place to add an accent chair that creates an immediate design element. Use a contrast or fun fabric with a pop of color. Your fabric choices: leather, textures, solids and print as well as the chair frame creates a look from casual farmhouse to transitional to mid-century modern and everywhere in between. In a dining room, chairs with high upholstered backs offer a formal setting whereas a transitional dining chair typically has an upholstered seat and mid-level back. Modern seating may include leather and metal framework and the popular farmhouse style dining chair features ladder backs and various wood finishes. Benches too are useful to provide additional casual seating within that farmhouse look. 2. Think about specific sitting needs and how you want the chair to function.  Chairs function differently.  Do you need a deep seat for taller men and women.  Or are you looking for a plush comfortable armchair paired with an ottoman to create a relaxing reading nook or inviting space in front of the fireplace.  Swivels or swivel gliders can be relaxing and work well for flexibility, especially in open space planned rooms.  For older family members, you will want to select a chair that sits more upright with a firm cushion and sturdy frame for ease to sit and stand.  Electric mechanical chairs have come a long way and offer help by rising and tilting.
  1. Think about durability, maintenance, and comfort. Chairs are some of the most utilized furniture in your home and some brands stand up better than others. Likewise, some fabrics are more easily cleaned and maintained than others.  Paying a bit more for a chair may be worthwhile, especially with warranties for both fabric and frame.  And when it comes to comfort, you don’t need to limit your decision only to chairs that you can sit in and test out.  Indeed, the first time you sit in your perfect chair may be after it arrives.  In this case, trust an experienced interior designer, who through their years of experience can help you select that perfect chair.  They know which chairs sit best for your criteria, wear the best and are of great quality, and most importantly fit into your home and lifestyle.
Overall, choosing the perfect chair can be a satisfying experience provided you consider the full range of factors including sitting needs, style, look, comfort, care and more.  And although it may be stressful, once your chairs have arrived, you will have the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy your home!