Discover the Great Outdoors at Home

Spring, Summer and Fall are the perfect times to enjoy the Great Outdoors! And that doesn’t mean traveling far from home.  In fact, it means staying at home and rediscovering, refreshing and renewing your backyard!  With the right design that synthesizes light, texture, decor and landscape, you can create an outdoor oasis with all of the luxuries and conveniences of a five-star hotel or charming Bed & Breakfast without ever leaving home. Industry-leading manufacturers specializing in outdoor furnishings such as Brown Jordan, JANUS et Cie, Castelle, Lane Venture, Lexington, Tommy Bahama, Berhardt, Made Goods and more offer an extensive array of high-quality furniture and decorative elements that will transform your backyard into a comfortable and inviting entertaining space for friends and family. With a little inspiration, planning and a talented team of design professionals, you can realize that backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of!


Renovate, Refresh, Renew

Transforming your backyard into a tranquil and appealing space is achievable with the right idea and a plan to execute.  Rather than building new decks and patios, consider a refresh with new furniture and accessories.  From metal to wood to wicker, all-weather couches, loveseats and chairs add texture and comfort.   Introduce bold and lively colors throw pillows, cushions and other accessories.  Water features bring rhythm and a sense of peace.  And don’t forget light!   Fire pits with dancing flames have become extremely popular.  You can acquire a mobile fire pit or you can build and permanently affix it to your patio or deck.  Be sure to consider adding exterior wall scones, landscape lighting or side table lanterns to provide ambient light.   For depth and drama, add up-lighting in garden beds, trees and architectural features of your home.


The J&L Difference

For more than 25 years, award-winning J&L interiors has cultivated important relationships with national, regional and local furniture and design companies.  J&L Interiors has curated an exclusive catalog of skilled artisans from around the world and the nation who can create custom design features specific to a client’s taste and project.  J&L Interiors utilizes these relationships and their extensive experience, passion and commitment to quality to create truly unique and luxury spaces tailored to each client.