Go Green in August (and Every Month)!

Green may be the color of August's birthstone (Peridot), but it's also the color of the year for 2022!  For interior designers, green makes perfect - perhaps even natural - sense as a favored color because it represents nature, growth, life, and optimism. Green features prominently in Biophilic Design, a style of design that incorporates the natural environment into the design of homes and offices.  "Going Green" means developing environmentally-friendly sustainable designs which in today's world is easier and more cost-effective than ever. In the interior design industry, "Going Green" also means sourcing products that are made with recycled material or from eco-friendly companies as well as incorporating natural woods, fabrics, stone, plants, mosses, and other organic design elements to create beauty and harmony in our designs.

Gorgeous Green Bedroom Suite

This owner's suite renovation uses the color Contented SW6191 by Sherwin Williams.  The soft green envelopes the walls creating an inviting and calm retreat and is the perfect complement to the natural wood and stone elements chosen for the space.  In keeping with the historic nature of the home, heart pine floors were installed where wall to wall carpet had previously been, the ceiling was vaulted and exposed reclaimed oak beams were installed, and a walnut mantel caps the natural stone fireplace surround.  Green accents were used throughout the bedroom in throw pillows, bedding, plants and art - all perfectly curated to create the cozy timeless designed space.  This mix of green shades and natural elements combine to create a tranquil bedroom that will make you green with envy.

Going Green in Georgetown

A seamless transition between the outdoors and the indoors is another key tenet of “Going Green” designs.  In this elegant Georgetown townhouse, a panorama of natural beauty is visible through a wall of French Doors with half round transoms.  Balancing the view outside is a focal piece of artwork featuring a waterfall. The art seemingly flows into the room, suggesting the calming serenity of water’s sounds. Throughout the room, a combination of warm white, tan tones and pops of greens are incorporated into a refined green design.

Green Designs by J&L Interiors 

J&L Interiors can help you create "green focused" designs that combines luxury with comfort and stands the test of time.  J&L has cultivated important relationships with national and local artist, such as the Pheromone Art by Christopher Marley pictured above, and incorporates specialty pieces into their green designs.  And J&L Interiors can leverage its relationships major furniture such as Vanguard, Bernhardt and Furniture Today manufactures to focus upon specific sustainability designs and projects. "Going green" harmonizes your home with nature to create spaces your family and friends can enjoy in every seasons.  Green is a color but it represents so much more. It's organic elements such as wood, stone and plants provide texture and life in otherwise static spaces and takes advantage of sustainable, reusable and energy-efficient products.  J&L's talented team of design professionals can help create wonderful new opportunities to enjoy your home while also growing its value.

Green 2022 Color of the Year