How J&L Can Update Your Home for Spring

After the dreary winter is over, spring brings the season of rejuvenation and rebirth! And while we shelter with warm blankets and dark colors during winter, spring calls for a blossoming of color and light. To achieve this, home interior design experts replace winter doldrums with splashes of bright color and invest in decor and furniture that conjures spring’s splendor. At J&L Interiors, we offer exquisite interior design services that transform your home. For over 24 years, our award-winning firm has worked in the Washington DC area and around the country. We understand how much you cherish your home, so we carefully cultivate our “ceiling to floor” services for breathtaking redesigns. Let us give your home a springtime revival.

Changing Your Setting

Interior Designed Living Room in Washington DC For many, spring calls for a change in interior details or features. So, as designers, we try to reflect the natural revival in our choices of interior elements and arrangements. In some spaces, it is a matter of moving furniture around.  In any cohesive design scheme, items can be moved from room to room and take on a whole new look and function.  In Spring, we like to add seasonal elements and brighter colors.  We often brighten up darker fabric chairs with a great throw pillow.  Changing hand towels in kitchens and bathrooms can give a great season touch and design that isn’t permanent.  We love to incorporate vases of fresh flowers and plants to incorporate the beauty of natural elements in your home. Want to drastically change the interior design of a room?  Try a little paint.  Whether you paint all four walls or complementing walls.  Paint goes a long way in transforming a space.  In warmer months, consider replacing those dark or neutral shade paints with a beautiful soft green or blue to produce a refreshing and relaxed atmosphere. Alternatively, we love a great wallpaper for adding texture and design.

Swapping, Switching, Trading

Many don’t realize how a room’s items can influence the atmosphere. To change a space’s ambiance, we look for elements that evoke the warmer time of the year. We start by using lighter fabrics - such as cotton or linen - for beds and lounge spaces. Eliminate those heavy throw blankets and fur pillows and replace them with brighter and lighter-weight fabrics.  We also like to use candles and incense that deliver scents evocative of spring, including floral and citrus smells.  Change out containers such as apothecary or bell jars with bright color moss, sedum and bird’s nest.  Regardless of your style, we can help you refresh your space for Spring! Bedroom Interior Design in Washington DC Subtle changes can create an enormous impact on your home. Lampshades, books, decorative features, towels, rugs, and tableware all play crucial roles in establishing your atmosphere. Switching them for in-season ones can renew your home.

Investing in Accessories/Furniture

Pink Themed Interior Design in Washington DC Does your home have a perfect accessory that makes you smile or makes you remember the moment you bought it?  Or a chair that is so comfortable you can sit in it and read for hours?  If your decor or furniture is sad, outdated or worn, let us help you invest in new specialty pieces selected with you in mind.  We’re happy to use our experience and expertise to advise you and find those one-of-a-kind pieces that make your home’s interior design perfectly suited to you. We want each space to evoke an emotion and make you feel great just being in them.

Integrating the Outdoors

When spring ushers in warmer weather, people transition to indoor/outdoor living taking advantage of entertaining in those outdoor spaces. Spring Living Room Interior Design in Washington DC Indoor Design and Furniture Decor in Washington DC Virginia’s warm spring temperatures allow us to use outdoor patios, deck spaces and pool houses.  You need not consider a whole patio renovation to help it feel fresh. Instead, we suggest considering adding new seating or replacing those chairs that may not have made it through the winter.   New cushions or adding a few brightly-colored pillows can help welcome the spring’s blossoms. There are so many options for outdoor living spaces.  Colorful decorative elements, outdoor rugs or end tables may just be the splash of color you need!

Interior Design Expertise Now Available in the Washington DC Area

As the sun shines brighter and nature blooms again, embrace spring’s refreshing atmosphere and reach out to J&L Interiors for your personal and professional interior design service. You can be confident that we will plan and execute your new design with confidence and expertise. We provide full-scale design services to homeowners and businesses throughout the Washington DC metro area and around the country. Call us at (703) 737-7660 or fill out our online form today.