Lighting for Feel & Function For Your Dream Home

If you’ve tried to find a simple lightbulb replacement recently, you’ve likely encountered the complex and quickly changing world of interior illumination. New LED technologies, energy efficiencies and designs have given design professionals exciting new options when it comes to lighting design but in can give a homeowner a little trepidation. Lighting is a critical component of your home design; it is often given little attention or becomes an afterthought in your design. Because lighting establishes mood and feel of every room, lighting should be among the very first decisions you make. Here are some helpful hints to brighten your lighting design plans for the home of your dreams. At first thought, some would say that room dimensions or paint color define a space. However, lighting sets the tone and plays and important role in the overall design and personality of each room. Softer, warmer lights create a relaxing cozy ambiance while bright, natural lights can expand the size of the room or lighten wall colors, adding depth and sense of a bigger space.  A beautiful statement fixture immediately captures attention. Dimmer switches give maximum flexibility, allowing you to change the light intensity depending upon the time of day and the occasion. Beyond the feel of a room, also consider the room’s function and purpose when choosing lighting. For example, task lighting is essential in a kitchen – over the sink, stove or island - or in your home office above a desk or reading nook. Task lighting such as a vanity light or a recess light in a shower are also important. Determining the room’s function and feel is made easier by the variety of types of lighting now available. Whether choosing from a big box retailer, custom lighting store or online, the options are limitless. You can choose from ceiling or surface and semi flush mounts depending on the height of the room. Chandeliers are perfect and dramatic additions for foyers, dining rooms and master bedrooms. Pendants work well for kitchen islands, bars and for a surprised look install them left and right of a bed. To add soft lighting and luxury throughout your home, explore the world of wall sconces for use in hallways, stairways and dining room walls. Sconces left and right of a bath mirror too add a more upscale finished look.

Lighting is a central part of creating a comfortable and luxurious design for your dream home. Navigating the complex world of lighting design options can be overwhelming but with the help of creative and experienced interior designers, you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautifully lit home all year long.