Stay Home & Stay Stylish This Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for a luxury escape this Valentine’s Day? How about a romantic getaway in your master bedroom? Let J&L Interiors, Loudoun County’s own interior design firm, help you create your personal palace for this season of love. Check out the products we just love below! They could be a permanent part of your bedroom design or something special for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and just because. We also include a few extra special gifts, such as wine, chocolates, & more.

Love Luxury? Get Cozy With These Sweet Brands

lili allessandra high end interior design bedding collection If you love high-thread counts, then we have you covered from bed to toe! Lili Allesandra’s designer high-end bedding collection is a timeless luxury. Its fabric is machine-washable and perfect for everyday use thanks to its quality material. We can help you incorporate these beddings and linens into an interior design that you’ll fall in love with! Michael Aram high end luxury interior design We also carry Michael Aram’s elegant beddings to add sentimentality to just about any romantic bedroom design. It can be yours all day every day! Michael Aram’s work celebrates the imperfections found in handmade products, capturing their inherent beauty. Eastern Accents interior design beddings Eastern Accents is another fabulous product we can provide for your bedroom design. These American-made, luxury home textiles last a lifetime. And we mean it. No more worrying about your beddings fraying at the seams. We’ll pair it with other brands and products you’ll fall in love with at first sight!

Set the Mood With Soft Lighting, Scents, & Textures

Luxurious soft lighting interior design   Something as simple as a soft lighting design can help set a romantic mood in your bedroom. It evokes that “weekend getaway” atmosphere,  except you don’t have to actually leave the house. When you upgrade your bedroom’s lighting with J&L Interiors, it’s more cost-effective and luxurious than a trip!   aromatherapy for luxury interior bedroom design experience     If you haven’t tried aromatherapy, it’s time that you learned the incredible role it can play in a relationship. Scented candles or essential oils can ignite emotions between you and your loved one, and we especially recommend floral scents such as rose, geranium, and neroli. In fact, we incorporate a scent into each project that we take on so that customers can truly experience luxury. Try it out this Valentine’s Day!   luxury interior design textured fur pillows   Incorporating textured fur pillows will add dimension and novelty to your bedroom. They boost your comfort as well as accentuate your bedroom aesthetic. Just touching them can spark joy. Reach out to Julie and Lori and discuss your preferred textures. Together, we will create your personal bedroom sanctuary.

Extra Home Comforts & Sweet Indulgences That We Like

luxury bathrobe

    If you’ve been searching for a soft luxury bathrobe, then Peacock Alley is perfect for you. Peacock Alley offers luxurious Bamboo Robes with the option of custom monogramming! They make great gifts to your significant other or yourself.   Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose   Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose is rosé sparkling wine from France that has notes of red fruits and fresh pear. With a plate of delicate fruit or a delicious meal, this wine can bring together a romantic evening.   Chantels Bakery in Sterling VA   Chantel’s Bakery in Sterling, VA, offers delectable cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and more. Each item is made to order and available for delivery straight to your home or office! We love Chef Dennis Stanley’s delicious creations, all made with the best ingredients and matched to your tastes.   sweet signatures chocolates in Sterling VA   A family-owned and operated business also based in Sterling, Sweet Signatures serves up chocolates, treats, and gourmet desserts. You even have the option to customize your chocolates with almost anything, like your anniversary photos!  

Spice Up Your Bedroom Design With Loudoun County VA’s Top Interior Designers

With over 24 years of experience in interior design, we proudly share our passion with residents and businesses throughout Loudoun County, VA, and beyond. Our full-scale interior design services include space & light planning, paint schemes, window treatments, & more. Why settle for DIY when you can have a professional design that suits your lifestyle needs? Let us manage your project while you prepare for your romantic holiday. Are you just beginning your interior design journey? Contact us at (703) 737-7660 to schedule an interior design consultation today.