Why Hire an Interior Designer?  

Homeowners often know how they want the interior design of their homes to feel and have a certain color palette in mind. But bringing an aesthetic to life involves in-depth knowledge of color, light, texture, and design principles - and how they work together. An experienced interior designer can make all the difference helping you focus on your vision, project managing your custom design project, providing unique resources and experienced contractors all while bringing greater value to your home. At J&L Interiors, we collaborate with clients who want to create one-of-a-kind spaces by offering thoughtful and purposeful design solutions. We are a family-owned interior design firm working with clients in Great Falls, VA, and around the country. For over 24 years, we have provided beautiful, cohesive interior designs that evoke emotion and stimulate the senses.

Years of Experiences and Resources Means You Can Relax

Interior Design Room in Great Falls Virginia Tackling an interior design project on your own can be extremely time consuming. You also risk making expensive errors or an end product that does not quite meet your expectations. As a novice, selecting furniture and decor can take hours of research - gathering inspiration, browsing options, and sifting through reviews before making a purchase. At J&L Interiors, we have an extensive library of brands we know and trust for high-quality materials and design. We also have access to products and materials not available to the general public. With these resources, we can help you achieve a space that reflects your style best! Why settle for what everyone else has when we have access to unique pieces that will create a boutique space uniquely yours?

Acts as Your Personal Liaison

Interior designer bathroom in Great Fall Virginia Home As interior designers, it is imperative to build relationships with highly qualified tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cabinet makers, painters, wallpaper hangers and contractors for our home improvement and remodeling projects. We have spent years developing connections to partners that provide the same high-level service we and our clients expect. We speak the language of builders, architects, and contractors. Since we know the industry technical jargon, we can communicate effectively with everyone involved in your project to ensure your project is implemented correctly.

Saves You Time, Energy, and Unnecessary Stress!

Color Swatches for Interior Design in Great Falls VA An interior design project involves a multitude of small decisions: pairing textures and colors, selecting the correct scale and style of furnishings, accessorizing, lighting and more. Every decision is important in design layering and impacts the final result. If unfamiliar with interior design, these considerations can turn an enjoyable project into an overwhelming chore. Without sufficient time and a clear plan, progress may stall. Clients often have difficulties with scale and vision. While you may know what you like, you might have trouble pulling it all together. That is when an experienced interior design eye can help!

Delivers the Wow Factor

Modern interior design in Great Falls Virginia Professional interior designers have great spatial skills and deliver cohesive, well-balanced, functional spaces. J&L Interiors has a creative eye and is attentive to details that evoke an emotion using all of the senses, through lighting, fabrics, color, placement and scents. This provides you with a richly textured and dimensional space, that enlivens the senses of all who enter.

The J&L Difference

J&L Interior Design in Great Falls Virginia We are passionate about interior design and love exploring new and unique ideas and products! When you hire J&L Interiors, we hit the ground running! We provide an immediate plan of action that encompasses ceiling to floor services: furnishing, floorings, lighting, artwork, space planning and more. We have everything you need for your space all in one place making it a one-stop shop for all your design needs. We are always excited to work with clients to bring their visions to life.  Our goal is to develop a design concept and help you envision the whole picture and not just the individual elements.

Create Wonderful and Unique Interior Designs with J&L Interiors in Great Falls, Virginia

Feeling inspired? Let us help interpret your ideas into a clear vision and design plan. Our award-winning interior design firm makes the process smooth and simple - we handle the details while you enjoy the transformation. Whatever the nature or scale of your interior design needs, J&L Interiors works with clients in Great Falls, Virginia and throughout the country to create purposeful design solutions that are tailored for you. Contact us today to get started!