Window Treatments Complete a Room with Style

When it comes to interior design, people often focus on the larger pieces like sofas and tables, or the walls and floors. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of interior design is window treatments. Adding window treatments to a room can bring the whole space together with style, tying in colors, and adding textures and patterns. Window treatments can not only provide element of design and style but can also serve practical purposes such as adding insulation, offering light protection, sound absorption and providing privacy. Privacy is one of the chief functions of window treatments.  Few of us enjoy feeling like we’re living in a fishbowl, and dressing windows with draperies and blinds is an effective way to achieve privacy. However, balancing privacy with natural light can be a challenge. Whether it's a bedroom or a living room, having the ability to adjust the amount of natural light that enters a room is important for creating a comfortable space.  In a bedroom, a blackout curtain or shade can ensure that light doesn't disrupt sleep. In a living room, sheer curtains or blinds can filter light and provide a warm, inviting glow. Selecting the right window treatment can maintain privacy without shutting the world out. Window treatments can also have an impact on the acoustics of a room. Certain materials, like heavy drapes or curtains, can absorb sound and reduce echoes in larger spaces. This is particularly important in rooms with hard surfaces, like tile or wood floors, or tall ceilings which tend to bounce sound waves. Window treatments are very effective in insulating a room from temperature changes. In colder months, windows allow cold air to seep in, which can make a room feel drafty and uncomfortable. Adding window treatments like drapes or shades can help reduce the draft and keeping the warm air in. In summer months with extra hours of strong sunlight, window treatments can help keep a room cool.  Throughout the year, window treatments will make your home energy efficient and reduce utility costs. Aside from function, window treatments can also serve as a beautiful interior design element of style. From simple blinds to elaborate drapes, there are endless options for adding texture, color, and pattern to a room. Window treatments can complement existing decor, or they serve as a statement piece that draws the eye and creates visual interest. As a critical element of a room’s overall design, window treatments can bring a room together for practical purposes and for aesthetic value. Working with a skilled design professional to select window treatments will ensure your room reaches a level of comfort and beauty you’ll enjoy day in and day out.