Transform Your Home into a Cozy Fall Haven with These 5 Expert Tips

Posted on by Lori DuVal

We’ve all started to feel the weather change with cooler mornings and crisp autumn breezes. Pumpkin spice lattes, children’s costumes and fall scented candles are lining the shelves of every major store. These are signs that it is time to give your home a warm and inviting makeover that perfectly captures the essence of the […]

Choosing the Perfect Chair

Posted on by Julie Hoffmann

“But is it comfortable?” is usually the first question asked by many of us when ordering a new chair.  So many chairs look great but the joy quickly vanishes once you take a seat.  While comfort is certainly a priority for many chairs, home office desk chairs, dining room chairs and more, there are several […]

Lighting for Feel & Function For Your Dream Home

Posted on by Julie Hoffmann

If you’ve tried to find a simple lightbulb replacement recently, you’ve likely encountered the complex and quickly changing world of interior illumination. New LED technologies, energy efficiencies and designs have given design professionals exciting new options when it comes to lighting design but in can give a homeowner a little trepidation. Lighting is a critical […]

2023 New Year Interior Design Resolutions

Posted on by Julie Hoffmann

2023 is just around the corner and there’s so many new and exciting design opportunities that await.  To help navigate the New Year, here are some essential New Year’s Design Resolutions.  On behalf of the entire design team at J&L Interiors and our families, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Listen to the Space Resolve […]

Go Green in August (and Every Month)!

Posted on by Julie Hoffmann

Green may be the color of August’s birthstone (Peridot), but it’s also the color of the year for 2022!  For interior designers, green makes perfect – perhaps even natural – sense as a favored color because it represents nature, growth, life, and optimism. Green features prominently in Biophilic Design, a style of design that incorporates the […]

Discover the Great Outdoors at Home

Posted on by Julie Hoffmann

Spring, Summer and Fall are the perfect times to enjoy the Great Outdoors! And that doesn’t mean traveling far from home.  In fact, it means staying at home and rediscovering, refreshing and renewing your backyard!  With the right design that synthesizes light, texture, decor and landscape, you can create an outdoor oasis with all of […]

Why Hire an Interior Designer?  

Posted on by Julie Hoffmann

Homeowners often know how they want the interior design of their homes to feel and have a certain color palette in mind. But bringing an aesthetic to life involves in-depth knowledge of color, light, texture, and design principles – and how they work together. An experienced interior designer can make all the difference helping you […]