Celebrating 25 Years of Creating Luxury Interior Designs: Resources, Lessons Learned, Resilience & Gratitude

As we celebrate our 25th year of business, we are thankful to our clients, colleagues, friends and family for powering our success.  Some of the key ingredients to our success is our carefully curated catalog of artisans and contractors, our ability to adapt to marketplace challenges, and our virtue of resilience and “grace under pressure.” In this season of giving and sharing, below are a few of our reflections from 25 years of interior design. We sincerely believe that carefully curated resources are the biggest assets an interior designer needs to be successful.  Of course, an interior designer needs to have great creativity and vision. But more importantly is the combination of creativity and craftsmanship (across the trades) and the collaborations that makes the vision a reality. This can only be achieved by establishing trusted resources of talented artisans and contractors and that takes time to find and cultivate. We appreciate and cherish those relationships that have persisted for so many years.  After all, each project has its own unique challenges and demands different resources. At J&L Interiors, we are proud to say that we have met those challenges big and small to deliver unmatched luxury and client satisfaction.           Twenty-five years of business provides significant confidence from lessons learned. You know the saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to your prince”. In design it sometimes is trial and error.  In a quarter century we have a multitude of experiences to draw from. We’ve learned to adapt and have become confident in our ability to adjust to the fast-paced demanding world of design. Whether we are measuring and measuring again to ensure a headboard will fit up a narrow stairwell in a townhome, packing extra tools in our suitcases for destination property installations, or adapting to market conditions such as manufacturer disruptions, our ability to make adjustments and decisions quickly proves invaluable to our clients.  We learn something new on every project and embrace setbacks or unexpected challenges headfirst.     As a small business owner, it’s important to be resilient and consistently reflect on changes in our industry. We credit our success to our families, our community and our business partners.  They have all had and continue to have an enormous impact on our business and how we approach each day.  We are extremely grateful for the support we have been given and strongly believe in caring for the community that has been so good to us.   Looking back over 25 years of business, we can honestly say we've never considered giving up. Sure, there have been difficult times where we have had to give ourselves pep talks, times where we have to re-instill our confidence by remembering our past accomplishments, and times where we have to remind ourselves that God gives us a new day each day. We look forward to many more years filled with exciting opportunities, engaging in more design challenges, and sharing the joy of beautiful, luxury interior designs for all to enjoy.